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It's not often that two individual artists are able to combine and express their talents to produce a single body of work.  Peter & Madeline Powell have this rare creative alliance.  Essentially, painting

is a solo endeavor, yet the Powell's have accomplished a seamless blend of unity in their work.

Having met on Maui in 1976, they soon started working on each others artwork and before too long, it developed into a natural way of approaching and completing a painting for them.

"Life's treats and play things from the past & present are what we capture in our paintings.  We enjoy taking the little things out of everyday life and giving them the prominence and importance they had when we were children.  Our paintings invoke the childhood spirit that everyday life has buried deep within us."

Peter & Madeline Powell are artists who have wed exacting technical photorealism to the sensual memories of one childhood's most pleasurable activities:  Eating Candy!  Not only getting it, but holding it, looking at it, and unwrapping it - the smell, touch shape & taste of it all come strikingly through the dramatically over-sized images of Hershey Kisses, Bazooka Bubble Gum, M&M's & lollipops - to name a few...  The Powell's have covered other subjects, most notably Toys, Crayons, Cars & Food.

But no matter the subject, the viewer is pulled into a bursting world of form and color.

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